Mari tengok...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Should i do this?

...Dear friendz.. I'am always imagine that we are planning a new activity for next our meeting.. Hopefully you guys and girls interested to join my next plan, travel to oversea.. perhaps Europe or cold country..hehee..
This is the big plan, need the big budget.. tapi bukan dalam masa terdekat ni.. Kerja dan simpan duit bebanyak ok.. For those who want to married, please spend your money for the trip too.. Dun Forget ok.. Ley je honeymoon bersama kenkawan..hehh!! Sape-sape yang bersetuju, sila mendapatkan pengesahan selanjutnye daripada IR Fareim ok..I be waiting for you guys!

Knows other and Most important is know the people..maybe can generate new relationship for us..girl with new men,boy with new women..(terutama kepada kawan-kawan yang masih single tu..hehee)...


  1. nak ikot!!! =)
    dah ada blog laa..

  2. hehee..illi..simpan duit ok..ajak yg lain jugak!