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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thomas Cup 1992

If I were one of the big bosses in any of the TV stations, I would issue a directive to the production team to come up with a montage of our best badminton moments, in particular the momentous 1992 Thomas Cup victory, plus of course selected songs as background music not only to boost the team's confidence but also encourage the rakyat to support the team. Broadcast them during prime time, virtually everyday starting immediately until the team's last drop of sweat. But since I'm not in the position to do something, I've compiled the following as my contribution to the Thomas Cup team. Ayuh, Malaysia!

Rashid Sidek's memorable victory over Ardy Wiranata for the first point in 1992

Razif-Jalani were defeated by Gunawan-Eddy Hartono...

But terrier Foo Kok Keong rose to the occasion, beating Alan Budi Kusuma who three months later scooped the first Olympic gold medal in Barcelona

The winning point by Cheah Soon Kit-Soo Beng Kiang...

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